Spectrum Framwork Colours and Percentages

Using the Spectrum Framework to Understand Medical Cannabis

We created the Spectrum Framework, a straightforward colour-coding system that makes it easy to find the medical cannabis products that are right for you. The Spectrum framework also helps healthcare professionals and patients communicate clearly about product selection. If you are new to medical cannabis, it’s easy to get confused about the wide variety of products available. Some have a high concentration of THC, others have little THC but lots of CBD, and some have more of a balanced mixture of these two primary cannabinoids. The Spectrum Framework clarifies where each of our products lies. 


Colour coding indicates the CBD and THC profile of each product and is used across our entire range of formats, including softgels, oils, flower, edibles, topicals, and concentrates and extracts. You and your healthcare professional can use this information together to find the best fit for your needs. 

Each colour in the Spectrum indicates products containing a specified range of THC and CBD content. For flower products, the percentages indicate the maximum amount of THC or CBD. For example, a flower product like Red No 1 Flower | Indica contains 24–30% THC and very little CBD, while Blue Flower | Hybrid contains 8–12% of both THC and CBD.  

The Spectrum works for oils, softgels, edibles, and topicals, too. In this case, the amounts of THC and CBD are measured in mg per unit (e.g., CBD per softgel) or in mg/mL (e.g., for cannabis oils). For example, Yellow Softgels contain CBD and very little THC, while Red No 2 Cannabis Oil | Sativa contains 20 mg/mL THC and <1 mg/mL CBD. 

Red, orange, and purple represent products that have high THC content and little-to-no CBD. 

Balanced ratio 
Blue and green colour-coded products offer a balance of THC and CBD. 

Yellow and clear (grey) indicate products that contain high levels of CBD with little-to-no THC. 


The Spectrum Framework makes it easier for you to find products that work best for you. If your healthcare professional recommends that you start with a product high in CBD, choose a format that suits you from our Yellow product range. If they authorize use of a product with a balance of CBD and THC, choose a product from our Blue category, such as Blue Softgels. 


There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online “Health Canada - cannabis health effects.” This communication is intended for adults only and should not be shared with minors.