Introducing Spectrum TVFS – Curated for Veterans by Veterans

Introducing Spectrum TVFS – Curated for Veterans by Veterans

Spectrum is proud to introduce the newest addition to our Spectrum Therapeutics product lineup - Spectrum TVFS.  

Spectrum TVFS is a collaboration between top shelf cannabis producer, PURPLEFARM and Veteran Wellness Clinic, THE VETERAN FARMER, who have been working together to thoughtfully hand pick some of what we believe to be the best up and coming new genetics and bring them to the Spectrum medical store.  

We’re going to be launching a series of limited, small batch ‘collections’ categorized by their smell / taste / effect profile (vs the traditional Indica / Sativa categorization), where our focus is on bringing unique profiles that will appeal to our experienced flower connoisseurs, having them grown in the best possible environment and then categorizing them in a way that makes it easy for patients to identify the profile they best align with.  

Grown by the team at PURPLEFARM (best known for the Veterans Choice), and then pressure tested by the crew at TVF.   

The plan for TVFS is to be ‘Curated for Veterans by Veterans.’ 


The Veteran Farmer is a Veteran family-run small business focused on providing wellness support and medical cannabis access as a coping strategy for mental and physical ailments. 
The Veteran Farmer offers a variety of support programs, both in-person and virtually including VAC+SISIP paperwork assistance, transition support, family support, in addition to cannabis education and prescriptions. With all programs and services being free for Veterans/first responders and their families.  

TVF has an extensive history both growing cannabis themselves and providing cannabis education to veterans all over the country and so we felt no one would be better suited to give us insight into what veterans and cannabis enthusiasts want.  
To learn more about The Veteran Farmer, visit 


With a team made up of experienced growers and passionate advocates, Purplefarm is a Canadian cannabis producer with the legacy of over 20 years of growing behind them and commitment to putting the absolute best product in the hands of consumers across Canada. 

Purplefarm has been a responsible for growing the majority of what we’ve been putting into Spectrum Veterans Choice bags and the results speak for themselves (Slurricane x Pancakes, White Runtz, Florida Kush etc.) and with Purplefarm constantly looking to raise the bar with new strains that feature rare genetics, and an extensive library available to choose from, this will allow us to offer an even larger variety premium craft flower to veteran patients.  


PURPLEFARM’s new state of the art production facility just happens to be in Fredericton, NB - right in the backyard of The Veteran Farmer, so the thought was, let us set up a process where veterans can get access to early test lots of new genetics, take them through their paces and then hand pick the best ones to be grow out and launched under these TVFS collections.  


In an effort to help reframe the conversation regarding what defines “quality” in cannabis, shift the focus away from THC and help drive the collective understanding of the true role terpene content plays in not only as one of the primary metrics to judge quality, but the impact these precious and volatile terpenes play in establishing and enhancing the entourage effects possible when terpene content is present and preserved in flowers.  Our hope is that these collections will help patients identify what smells, tastes and effects they best align with and then as future products release, make it easier for them to continue to find products that fit their needs and preferences.  

Here is an overview of the current roster of TVFS Collections, some details about what makes each unique and visibility into our plan to leverage these classifications for future flower products releasing on Spectrum.