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Supporting Canada’s veterans with access to medical cannabis.

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Dedicated Support

At the heart of Spectrum Veteran Care is a dedicated, and specially trained team of customer care agents who provide veterans with exclusive support—from placing orders and answering questions to working directly with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

Vapourizers are fully covered, including Storz & Bickel*

You can purchase any vapourizer from our store, including the Mighty Medic. The Volcano Medic 2 will soon be available for purchase as well. Both of these premier vapourizers come from Storz & Bickel and have been approved as medical devices by Health Canada.


Please contact our Spectrum Veteran Care Team for details on eligibility and ordering.

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Direct billing and immediate, uninterrupted coverage†

Once you order medical cannabis or a vapourizer—online or by calling Veteran Care—we’ll bill Veteran’s Affairs Canada directly. And even if you’re waiting for VAC to confirm coverage, Spectrum Therapeutics will pay for your orders, as long as we have all the required documentation on file. This ensures you’ll receive your medical cannabis right away and without paying out of pocket.

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All softgel, oil and flower formats of medical cannabis are fully covered

Once you are approved for coverage by VAC, you can order any of our products without paying out of pocket—no credits, no exceptions. This includes all brands that appear in the shop, including Tweed and CraftGrow.

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Compassionate pricing for injured active military personnel

Any active service military member who has been injured and is authorized to use medical cannabis, but is not eligible for coverage through insurance, will receive 20% off any medical cannabis product in the Spectrum Therapeutics store.

To help ensure that you have immediate access to your medical cannabis please complete and submit the following forms to Spectrum Therapeutics:

  1. Consent to Disclose
  2. Medical Document (with a diagnosis clearly indicated by your physician)
  3. Medical Registration Form
  4. Summary of Assessment (from VAC)

Contact Spectrum Veteran Care

Thank you for your service to our country.

To get in touch with Spectrum Veteran Care:


1-855-558-9333 x8805

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST

*Together, Spectrum Therapeutics and Veterans Affairs Canada will ensure complete coverage for 1 vapourizer purchased every 3 years, from SpectrumTherapeutics.com.

†3 gram limit until coverage has been confirmed by VAC.

This communication is intended for adults only and should not be shared with minors.

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