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Medical cannabis eLearning for healthcare professionals

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Our course content is based on current evidence and best practices and has been developed by experts with years of experience in educating healthcare professionals and patients.

 Learning modules are available exclusively to healthcare professionals registered with Spectrum Therapeutics. Some of the modules available are:

Medical Cannabis: For Healthcare Professionals

Provides an overview of the most important active compounds found in the plant and the clinical research that supports the medical use of cannabis. It reviews the various dosage forms and delivery systems, discusses appropriate dosing and titration, and outlines potential side effects and relative contraindications of cannabis.

Medical Cannabis in Continuing Care: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Professionals

An expanded version of the previous course, that contains information that is specific for the treatment of patients in continuing care, including medical cannabis product recommendations and dosing.

Cannabis Around the World

An overview of the various regulatory frameworks and the steps required to access medical cannabis in each country.

Fundamentals - Medical: Educating Patients

Patients using medical cannabis vary widely in terms of age, medical condition, socioeconomic status, and level of experience. Once a healthcare professional has authorized access, and has determined if any restrictions are required, patients must be educated on how to safely determine which mode of ingestion, cannabinoid ratio, and dose is right for them.

This content is meant solely for healthcare professionals. All healthcare professionals are encouraged to ensure they are following the guidance of their respective regulatory bodies and Colleges.