Mettrum Black 1


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There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online “Health Canada - cannabis health effects”.

Mettrum Black No. 1 was acquired by our Master Grower ten years ago. At that time, the strain was rather popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs due to its extreme potency and the pleasantly smooth and clean ingestion experience.

In spite of its common name, the precise base genetic origins of Ontario Blue Crinkle are somewhat of a mystery. While the specific details are relatively unknown, the strain is most certainly a descendant of hash plant varieties which originated in the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountain region.

The terpene profile of Mettrum Black No. 1 is quite unique and contributes to the strain‰۪s fruity flavor and pungent aroma of earth and wood.

Common feedback received from individuals who have used this strain previously, suggests that Ontario Blue Crinkle delivers a truly relaxing sensation which may be beneficial for the treatment of chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression.

This is a small batch limited release of a strain that we believe will help address the unique medical needs of our Veteran clientele. To validate the properties of this strain we want to hear from you! In a couple of weeks, once you‰۪ve had an opportunity to use the product, we‰۪d like to send you a brief survey. Your feedback will add to our current knowledge of this strain and will assist with our production planning so we can grow and provide you with the medication that you need for your health and well-being.