Acceptable Use Policy for Social Media

We love that you want to engage with us and appreciate that there are differing opinions on the medical cannabis industry. And while we enjoy having an open dialogue with our audience, we ask that all comments and posts remain respectful of both Canopy Growth and other users.


Canopy Growth Corporation and its affiliates, has a range of social media channels, which we invite people to like or follow us on. We use these different channels to provide company updates on news, careers, events, and industry information. We also use it to get valuable feedback from you – our customers and general audience.

We respect the guidelines currently in place by these communities. We also reserve the right to remove any contributions that break the rules of the relevant community, or which are not in line with the following general guidelines:


  • Be tasteful with your posts and comments – we are a professional business and will show you the same respect
  • Do not post messages that are unlawful, untrue, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented or racially offensive
  • Do not post the same message, or very similar messages, more than once (also called "spamming")
  • Do not advertise products or services


Canopy Growth reserves the right to restrict or remove any content that is deemed in violation of this social media policy or any applicable law.

Monitoring Accounts, Responding and Replying

We monitor our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram accounts Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm. If you contact us via these channels during these times we will reply as soon as possible, however there could be delays on some requests while we investigate the appropriate answer. If your request is of an urgent nature, we encourage you to call us toll free at 1-855-558-9333 or email us at

Removal of Posts and Blocking Users

Generally, we will not remove posts that are made on our social channels, however we will consider removing posts or blocking users or accounts that breach the guidelines outlined above, without any explanation. Users who are multiple offenders will be blocked from using our social media channel after three warnings (warnings will be in the form of a removed post or comment and direct message with this information).


Please do not use Canopy Growth social media channels to make defamatory statements. In law this means a statement that lowers the reputation of a person or organization in the eyes of a reasonable person. We will therefore take down any statement that could be deemed to be defamatory.


If you have an issue or concern you would like to discuss, we would be happy to talk to you either via phone or email at your convenience.

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