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Here are the varieties currently available. We provide a 6-step germination process with every order to get you started. 

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To order seeds, you must have received your Health Canada Registration Certificate and have submitted it to us as part of the registration process.

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Type Flowering Price
Karolyn (Proprietary strain) Sativa 9-10 Weeks
$5500/ 3 seeds
Karolyn CBD (Proprietary strain) Sativa 9 Weeks
$5500/ 3 seeds
Humber Valley Kush (Proprietary strain) Indica 9-10 Weeks
$5500/ 3 seeds
TWD Haze #1 (Proprietary strain) Sativa 10-11 Weeks
$4500/ 3 seeds
TWD Haze #2 (Proprietary strain) Sativa 10+ Weeks
$4500/ 3 seeds
TWD Diesel (Proprietary strain) Hybrid 9 Weeks
$4500/ 3 seeds
Auto-Norfolk (Auto-Bubba Kush) Indica 9 Weeks
$4500/ 3 seeds
CBD Norfolk (CBD Bubba Kush) Indica 10 Weeks
$4500/ 3 seeds
Hinterland (Proprietary strain) Hybrid 9-10 Weeks
$3000/ 3 seeds
Auto-TWD Cheese (Proprietary strain) Hybrid 9 Weeks $3000 / 3 seeds

The Spectrum

The Spectrum is a straightforward colour-coding system that simplifies the understanding of medical cannabis.

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