Product Availability

The Spectrum Therapeutics products available in the Czech Republic contains only dried herb with regard to the applicable legislation in particular the Act No. 236/2015 Coll., On pharmaceuticals and on amendments to some related regulations, Act No. 378/2008 Coll., Laying down the conditions for the prescription, preparation, distribution, supply and use of individually prepared medicinal products containing cannabis for therapeutic use, and Act No. 85/2008 Coll., On the establishment of a list of active substances and excipients that can be used for the preparation of medicinal products. Medicines containing cannabis for medical use can only be dispensed to patients through pharmacies on the basis of a valid medical prescription from doctors with the necessary authorization and specialization. Other mentioned dosage forms, namely cannabis extract and gelatin capsules containing extract, are not available in the Czech Republic in accordance with the valid legislation.
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