Spectrum Therapeutics Veteran’s Choice Flower

October 25, 2022 Spectrum Therapeutics

Spectrum Therapeutics Veteran’s Choice is inspired by our veteran customers, who choose the highest standards for flower products, including potency, aroma and terpene content, bud composition and trim quality.


We’ve listened, and we are proud to introduce Spectrum Therapeutics Veteran’s Choice Dried Flower. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional consumption experience, with each strain hand selected because it represents our continuing effort to bring Spectrum Therapeutics medical patients the best flower products that we have to offer.


Here’s what you can expect from your  Spectrum Therapeutics Veteran’s Choice Dried Flower::

Top quality flower. We’re committing to making sure that everything that matters meets your expectations for quality flower - from the way it smells, to the way it looks, to the consumption experience - it delivers. Check out the current release here to learn more.


Larger sizes for better convenience. You’ll always see this product in a large pack format (14g or 28g) with terpene content on label, and a resealable bag with a Boveda pack inside to minimize waste and maximize freshness.


More variety for you to try. We’ll be rotating strains as often as every three months to give you the opportunity to experience the best in flower that we have to offer. Get the latest release here while quantities last., and be ready for a uniquely special experience with each new release!


Help make a difference for the veteran community. We are honoured to be chosen as a medical cannabis provider for thousands of Canadian veterans. As a way of giving back, after 13 weeks of sales of this release of Spectrum Therapeutics Veteran’s Choice Dried Flower, we’ll be making a donation to Teal Poppies in an amount that will be guided by sales of this release:

50% of inventory sold: $1,000

80% of inventory sold: $2,500

100% of inventory sold: $5,000


Buy Now.


We thank you for your continued support!

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