Fair pricing program

Everyone’s financial situation is unique and not all benefit plans cover medical cannabis. Spectrum Therapeutics understands this and is proud to offer Discount Pricing or other solutions to help patients afford the medical cannabis they need.

Compassionate Pricing

Our Compassionate Pricing Program offers a 20% discount on our full range of medical cannabis products for patients that meet these eligibility requirements:


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Register online today and submit your supporting documents to qualify for our Compassionate Pricing Program! 

Once registered, you can also submit your supporting documents to customer care.


Poppies pinned to Canadian military. Poppies pinned to Canadian military.

Veteran Care

We are honored to support Canadian Veterans through our best-in-class Spectrum Veteran Care Program.


Senior Pricing

Seniors are now eligible for a discount on medical cannabis purchases with Spectrum Therapeutics. Learn More.

What else can make medical cannabis more affordable?

It is a medical expense:

You can claim your receipts from your medical cannabis on your income tax return, under Line 330 – Medical expenses for self, spouse or common-law partner, and your dependent children born in 1997 or later. Obtaining your receipts become easy with registration! Just click on “My Account” and scroll down to your order history.


It may be covered by your insurance or Health Spending Account:

If you have medical insurance, we encourage you to inquire if medical cannabis is covered either as a drug benefit or by expensing through your Health Spending Account.


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