Introducing Dedicated Care for Veterans

July 10, 2019 Spectrum Therapeutics

Canadian veterans now have access to our Veteran Care, a dedicated team of customer care agents who provide veterans with exclusive support. One dedicated team at Veteran Care answers all inbound calls from vets who want to place orders or ask questions about products, process, and coverage. Another team of specialists assists with aligning their Spectrum Therapeutics registration with their Medical Document, expediting the paperwork that Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) requires, and arranging direct billing so they can order products as soon as possible.

We support Canada’s veterans with access to medical cannabis. Spectrum Therapeutics makes sure the medical cannabis they need is paid for, coverage is not interrupted, and that they can acquire the vapourizer they want at no expense to them.

All products are fully covered...

Once a veteran is approved for coverage by VAC, they can order any of our products without paying out of pocket—no credits, no exceptions. This includes all brands that appear in the shop, including Tweed and CraftGrow.

...including a vapourizer

Every 3 years, veterans can claim up to $300 from VAC to purchase a vapourizer. Spectrum Therapeutics will cover the difference in the price of the vapourizer, including products manufactured by Storz & Bickel.

Easy ordering with direct billing

Vets can order online or by calling Veteran Care, and we are able to bill directly to VAC for medical cannabis and a vapourizer.

Uninterrupted coverage

When their prescription expires, vets need to renew and reapply for coverage through VAC. While they wait for VAC to confirm coverage, Spectrum Therapeutics will pay for their orders as long as we have all the required documentation on file. This ensures uninterrupted supply of their medical cannabis.

Compassionate pricing for injured active military personnel

Spectrum Therapeutics has recently implemented compassionate pricing for any active service military member who has been injured and is authorized to use medical cannabis, but is not eligible for coverage through insurance. This is a discount of 20% off any product in the Spectrum Therapeutics store.

Contact Veteran Care

We thank our veterans for your service to our country.

You served us. Let us serve you.

Monday–Friday 8:00 am–8:00 pm EST

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