You Have Options With Spectrum Therapeutics


You Have Options With Spectrum Therapeutics

Spectrum Therapeutics is dedicated to making sure your supply of medicinal products is never disrupted. This means providing you with options and alternatives when it comes to selecting your cannabis.

As the range of Tweed and CraftGrow brands and products will change in the Shop over time, we recommend the Spectrum Therapeutics brand when consistent access to the same product is important to you and your condition. If you have been taking a Tweed product that is no longer carried or available in our store, we have created a comprehensive table for you to explore alternative options. The goal of this table is to support treatment decisions with products most similar to what you have been taking, when a change is necessary.

Form Brand Product Name Spectrum Alternative
Flower Bedrocan Bedrocan Red No 2
Flower Tweed Balmoral Red No 2
Flower Bedrocan Bedica Red No 1
Flower Bedrocan Bediol Green
Flower Bedrocan Bedrobinol Orange
Flower Tweed Boaty McBoatface Green
Flower Canada Island Gardens Cavendish Dunes Green
Flower Tweed Donegal Red No 1
Flower DNA Golden Lemons Orange
Flower Tweed Herringbone Red No 1
Flower Tweed Hunter Orange
Flower DNA Lemon Skunk Red No 2
Flower LBS Moonbeam Red No 1
Flower LBS Ocean View Purple
Flower LBS Palm Tree CBD Blue
Flower DNA Sour Tangie Orange
Flower LBS Sunset Red No 1
Flower DNA Super Lemon OG Orange
Flower Tweed TWD Lot#2 Red No 1
Flower Tweed TWD Lot#7 Orange
Oil Tweed Bailey Yellow Cannabis Oil
Oil Tweed Bakerstreet Red Cannabis Oil | Indica
Oil Tweed Zaius Red Cannabis Oil | Sativa
Softgels Tweed Argyle Blue Softgels
Softgels Tweed Devon Blue Softgels
Softgels Tweed Bakerstreet Red Cannabis Oil | Indica

As part of our commitment to our medical customers, consistency of supply and product have always been, and will always be, our focus. With expanding access to almost 6 million square feet of growing space, Spectrum Therapeutics can meet your needs better than ever before.

If you have any questions about this table or would like to learn more about your alternatives, please contact us.

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