Updates to Spectrum Therapeutics Oils


Updates to Spectrum Therapeutics Oils

Improvements with our customers in mind

To further support the safety and accessibility of our medical products, we’re making some changes to Spectrum Yellow, Blue, and Red oils . These changes will make it even easier for new and existing patients to unlock the potential benefits of medical cannabis in helping to manage their symptoms. For existing consumers of our medical oil products, it’s important that you learn how these changes may improve your experience as well. These changes will apply to products shipped on or after April 19, 2021.

What is Changing? The packaging.

Historically, we’ve been providing cannabis oil to medical patients in an open-neck bottle paired with a bottle adapter and syringe for dosing. Until now, you’ve had to place the bottle adapter into the neck of the bottle yourself, but soon you won’t have to.

Starting April 19, 2021, Spectrum Yellow, Blue, and Red oils will be shipped with the bottle adapter pre-installed into the bottle, so you’ll see it when you take the child-resistant lid off for the first time. This will help to make sure that children and pets won’t be able to accidentally drink from the bottle, and you can be less worried about spills.

Remember that the look of the bottle in which we send your oil may vary from what you see on our website. But, you can rest assured that you’ll still be getting 40 mL of oil with all of our Spectrum oil products.

Spectrum Red No 1 and Red No 2 Oils

We’ve changed the price and potency of our Spectrum Red No 1 and Red No 2 oils to make it even easier to incorporate THC into your medication plan, for those who would benefit. The price of Spectrum Red oils has been reduced from $90.00 per bottle to $80.00 per bottle, and the THC potency has changed from 26.3mg/mL (27.7mg/g) to 20mg/mL (21.1mg/g).

For those who are using Spectrum Red oils for the first time, we always recommend that you follow the guidance of your healthcare professional or refer to the dosing insert sent with Spectrum oil products for additional information. The new THC potency of these oils means that you have added flexibility to increase your dose of THC, at a pace with which you’re comfortable.

For those who are already benefiting from a steady dose of Spectrum Red oils, you’ll need to understand how much to consume at each dose, once you receive the new formulation. For your convenience, please refer to the conversion table* below:

spectrum red oil formulation and total mg THC

*Values are considered approximate, and have been rounded down for simplicity. Please consult your healthcare professional if you are unsure about the right dosing for you and your condition.

If you are new to using medical cannabis oils, please follow the directions from your healthcare professional on how many mL of oil to use each day. Dosing guidance will also be included in your package from Spectrum Therapeutics.

red no 1 and red no 2 oil bottles and a cTa button to shop now

To learn more about the Cannabis Act in its entirety, please visit the Government of Canada website.

For any questions regarding changes to your medication, please contact a member of our Customer Care team: Care@spectrumtherapeutics.com

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