Tweed Lineage Transition


Tweed Lineage Transition

We’ve got all your favourite strains.

The same flavours and aromas, with new, clearer strain names.

To make its flower product line more intuitive and easier to understand, Tweed is shifting to a naming system that identifies each product’s strain name. It’s the same great products you know and trust—with new, more transparent names.

A commitment to clarity and variety

One of the founding principles of Spectrum Therapeutics is a commitment to simplifying the understanding of medical cannabis and clearly communicating product selection based on formats and cannabinoid content; the colour-coded framework at the centre of our brand is designed for precisely this purpose.

At the same time, we are dedicated to helping our customers address their individual needs by offering a wide range of quality medical cannabis products from a variety of licensed producers, such as Tweed. 

Tweed’s new strain-specific naming system enables us to continue to provide variety while ensuring clarity. Here is a simple breakdown of the renaming:

image of old tweed jars and new tweed jars with new strain names

These strain-specific names provide transparent insight into the plant’s genetics, breeding, and cultivation. For example, changing the product’s name from Tweed Bakerstreet™ to Tweed Hindu Kush makes it much easier to trace the strain’s lineage to the indica-dominant varietal said to have originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range located along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

New sizes, reduced prices

With the launch of the new naming system, some popular Tweed strains will now be available in new sizes, including:

We’ve also reduced prices on the entire line of Tweed flower products.* See individual product pages for the new, more affordable prices.

You can explore the entire Tweed collection, complete with new, lineage-specific product descriptions, in the Spectrum Shop now.

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*Price is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Spectrum Therapeutics.