Switching to Online Appointments for New and Renewing Medical Cannabis Customers


Switching to Online Appointments for New and Renewing Medical Cannabis Customers

For those who are managing chronic health conditions, COVID-19 can add a degree of worry. The well-being of customers and the continued availability of medical cannabis remain priorities for Spectrum Therapeutics during this time.

New and existing customers can continue to register, get a Medical Document, and access medical cannabis online. For those needing a new prescription or to renew their existing one, switching to virtual appointments is an alternative as people follow social distancing to reduce the risk of infection.

Telemedicine appointments are available

A virtual appointment with a healthcare professional is a safe and convenient way to get authorized to purchase medical cannabis. If you don’t have a healthcare professional who can authorize medical cannabis during a virtual consultation, we can assist you in locating one.

Spectrum Therapeutics partners with medical cannabis clinics that offer virtual assessment, education, and authorization. You can book an appointment—conducted through a secure video conference from the comfort of your own home—to speak with a healthcare professional who specializes in medical cannabis.

Booking a virtual appointment means you can:

  • Register as a medical customer with Spectrum Therapeutics
  • Become authorized to purchase medical cannabis from the Spectrum Therapeutics online store
  • Have your products safely delivered directly to your home

How to register or renew your registration with Spectrum Therapeutics

New customers can register at: shop.spectrumtherapeutics.com/account/register

Renewing your registration is easy. Simply sign in to your account at Spectrum Therapeutics, ensure that your Account Details and Shipping Address are current, and click the “Renew your registration” link. You can amend any of your registration information online with the exception of your email—you will need to call Customer Care to change the email associated with your account.

Quality, safety, and consistent supply

As a licensed producer, Spectrum Therapeutics is required to adhere to the strictest cleanliness guidelines to maintain our license. In addition, Spectrum Therapeutics adheres to global good manufacturing practices (GMP) that go even further to establish cleanliness standards. This includes full personal protective equipment for all production employees, sterilized production spaces, mandatory hand washing on entering the facility, and ensuring that anyone feeling sick is prevented from entering our facilities through additional screening questionnaires and temperature checks. Employees who handle products wear gloves and surgical masks to prevent the escape of droplets into the environment or onto surfaces and wear dedicated production clothes/cleanroom overalls that are common to pharmaceutical production facilities. 

With extensive quality testing and safety assurance standards already in place, you can trust that you are buying the highest quality medical cannabis that meets and exceeds Health Canada safety and cleanliness standards.

While the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Spectrum Therapeutics is paying extraordinary attention to our supply to ensure that any potential disruptions are mitigated and that the medicine you need is always available.

To book a virtual appointment now, visit our Find a Physician page.

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