Now Available: 5 mg Yellow Softgels


Now Available: 5 mg Yellow Softgels

Many of our customers rely on our Yellow Softgels to help address their unmet medical needs, but finding the right dose can be difficult. For those new to CBD or on a dose of less than 20 mg, Spectrum Therapeutics is pleased to introduce the convenience of 5 mg Yellow Softgels, a new dose format for this CBD-dominant product.

A simpler way to use medical cannabis

With the introduction of 5 mg Yellow Softgels, we now offer tailored doses of Red, Blue, and Yellow softgels, providing a range of options for taking medical cannabis in a format that is convenient, discreet, and consistent.

spectrum softgel dosing chart

spectrum softgel dosing chart. red 1 is 2.5mg or 10mg. red 2 is 2.5mg or 10mg. blue is 2.5mg THC and 2 to 4 mg CBD or 10mg THC and 15mg CBD. yellow is 5mg CBD or 20mg CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD—or cannabidiol—is one of the cannabinoids extracted from Cannabis sativa. It has gained popularity worldwide because of its potential therapeutic benefits. CBD may be helpful for reducing inflammation, seizures, and anxiety, and improving sleep.

It does not cause the intoxicating, euphoric effects that can be caused by THC and may, in fact, reduce some of the potential side effects of THC, such as nervousness.

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