New Labels and Packaging for All Products


New Labels and Packaging for All Products

You will soon notice that the labels on the medical cannabis products you order from Spectrum Therapeutics have changed, along with the packaging they come in. There are no changes to your medical cannabis.

We are updating our labels and packaging to reflect new regulations from Health Canada that come into effect April 17.

New product labels

After April 17, all of our medical cannabis products must include the new labels, which will look different than what you are used to. Two changes are the addition of a standardized cannabis symbol (THC) as well as a mandatory health warning.

There will be a transition period during which you might receive some products with our current labels and some products with the new labels.

For reference, here is an example of one of the labels we currently use and one of the new labels:

examples of old and new spectrum cannabis labels

image displays two cannabis labels, one old and one new. the new one has a THC warning logo and the warnings appear in the bright yellow text box.

New shipping box

After April 17, Spectrum Therapeutics will discontinue all secondary packaging and will begin using a Spectrum shipping box to eliminate secondary packaging waste and adhere to the revised regulations.

Sourcing recycled products is important to us. These new shipping boxes are made of 100% post-consumer waste, are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and are manufactured using 100% green energy.

spectrum shipping box

image of a spectrum branded box that you may receive with your items inside.

The customer sticker that contains your name and prescription information will no longer be affixed to bottles. Instead, it will be included in the shipping box. This way you can decide whether to attach the sticker to your product or not.

At Spectrum Therapeutics we're constantly exploring new ways to improve your experience while adhering to all Health Canada regulations.

If you have any questions, our Customer Care team will be pleased to hear from you and can be reached via phone or email.