Investing In Our Commitment to You


Investing In Our Commitment to You

Spectrum Therapeutics is committed to curating quality medical cannabis products while offering choice and variety to our customers. Delivering on that commitment requires investment—and an investment is just what Spectrum’s parent company, Canopy Growth, has made with two recent corporate acquisitions. 

Canopy Growth announced this year that it had completed acquisitions of:

  • 7ACRES, which produces premium, high-THC cultivars and uncompromising cannabis products
  • Ace Valley, one of Ontario’s leading cannabis brands, and makers of a variety of ready-to-enjoy cannabis products

Amanda Daley, Head of Medical for Canopy Growth, says, These acquisitions are more than corporate strategy; bringing these brands in-house means that our medical customers will have more options than ever to help treat their conditions. That’s important. That’s why Spectrum Therapeutics exists.”

Sought-after cultivars from 7ACRES

7ACRES takes pride in growing high-end cannabis that respects each cultivar’s lineage and history.

They are committed to providing customers with hand-crafted cannabis flower that delivers an uncompromising experience; their products are crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the product—from seed to shelf and into the customer’s hands.  

7ACRES has a deep commitment to superior genetics, top-tier cultivation, and strict quality control.”

– David Klein, Chief Executive Officer of Canopy Growth

This dedication to providing customers with high-quality cannabis products matches ours at Spectrum Therapeutics, so we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers exclusive access to 7ACRES’ most thoughtfully selected and sought-after cultivars. 

At the time of publication, the collection of 7ACRES flower in the Spectrum Shop already includes:

  • The legendary indica-dominant varietal Sensi Star (3.5 g | 7 g)
  • The multiple award-winning hybrid varietal White Widow (7 g)
  • The unique, popular, sativa-dominant varietal Jack Haze (3.5 g | 7 g)
  • The visually impressive, indica-dominant Wappa (3.5 g)
  • And the small-batch, high-THC OG Kush (3.5 g), cultivated by the 7ACRES Craft Collective team
  • The pungent, terpene-rich, indica-dominant Papaya (3.5 g)

These cultivars will initially enter the Spectrum Shop for Ontario customers, with availability spreading nationwide, as allowed by regulations, in the coming months.

Ace Valley: High-quality medical cannabis that’s ready when you are

Ace Valley focuses on ready-to-enjoy products, such as pre-rolls, vapes, and gummies, that offer a convenient, preparation-free medical cannabis option.  

The team at Ace Valley has built a premium cannabis brand with an impressive consumer following and we’re excited to… expand the brand to consumers across Canada.” 

– Rade Kovacevic, President & Chief Product Officer, Canopy Growth

The Ace Valley acquisition brings with it the potential to add a wide range of well-designed cannabis products to the Spectrum Shop, which could include: 

  • Single-strain, whole-flower pre-rolls, available as 0.5 g joints or 0.3 g pinners 
  • All-in-one vape pens  and  510 vape cartridges, made using the purest cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes  
  • Vegan, gluten-free gummies, bursting with flavour and balanced with precise doses of cannabinoids in every bite 

Ace Valley ready-to-enjoy products are coming to the Spectrum Shop soon—and check back often for updates!

A shared commitment to you

We at Spectrum Therapeutics work hard to ensure our customers can always find the product that best addresses their needs. The contributions of 7ACRES and Ace Valley will enable us to redouble that effort, widening our range of medical cannabis options—and our opportunities to support you and meet your therapeutic needs.

To learn more about the acquisition of 7ACRES, read this press release. 

To learn more about the acquisition of Ace Valley, read this press release.