Dedicated To A Consistent Medical Cannabis Supply


Dedicated To A Consistent Medical Cannabis Supply

Supply shortages. Two words that no one wants to hear when it comes to their medication. Since the legalization of cannabis for non-medical use, however, news coverage has shown extensive supply shortages that impact both recreational and medical consumers.

Ensuring a dedicated supply of high-quality medical cannabis for our customers

Spectrum Therapeutics is completely dedicated to medical. We believe medical cannabis requires consistency in supply and quality, and our singular focus has been to deliver both. With almost 6 million square feet of growing space, Spectrum Therapeutics can meet your needs better than ever before. We are committed to providing a consistent supply of Spectrum Therapeutics branded dried flower products, softgels, and oils. We guarantee our supply of softgels and oils with a 10% discount on the equivalent Spectrum Therapeutics brand softgel or oil product in the unlikely event your product is unavailable.*

We are pleased to share that because of our continued prioritization of medical supply, we have been able to meet the needs of our medical customers since the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Heritage Tweed and new CraftGrow products increase our product range

In addition to our core Spectrum Therapeutics brands, which will be in our Shop consistently, we offer an evolving range of Tweed and CraftGrow products. CraftGrow is sourced from local producers across Canada who share our passion for growing high-quality medical cannabis. Supporting emerging licensed producers means you have more options when it comes to finding the best medical cannabis for your needs. The range of Tweed and CraftGrow brands and products will change in the Shop over time. We recommend the Spectrum Therapeutics brand when consistent access to the same product is important to you and your health condition.

Medical cannabis is medicine

Spectrum Therapeutics is here to support patients across Canada. If you or someone you know has experienced supply shortages or medication interruption from their licensed medical cannabis provider, call our Customer Care team. They will be pleased to discuss how we can support you with a Spectrum Therapeutics option.

We like to keep our promises simple

  • All Spectrum Therapeutics brand dried flower products are priced at no more than $8.50/gram
  • We cover the government’s excise tax on Spectrum Therapeutics brand products
  • Compassionate Pricing for qualifying medical customers
  • New pricing on 15-gram jars of dried flower products, which will result in a $5 savings

We have dedicated medical customer support

Spectrum Therapeutics Customer Care is available solely to our medical cannabis customers 6 am to 10 pm EST every day. This includes access to expert advice and links to experienced medical cannabis educators.

*Customers must have registered or purchased the product in the past 60 days and both dosages of the Spectrum Therapeutics brand softgel product must be sold out for the customer to qualify.

Phone: 1 (855) 558-9333