Consistent Dosing with Spectrum cannabis Softgels


Consistent Dosing with Spectrum cannabis Softgels

We are now offering full-size and trial-size Red Softgels (2.5 mg) at a reduced price to make it more affordable for you to incorporate THC into your treatment plan when your healthcare professional deems it clinically appropriate.

Reduced prices on Red No 1 and Red No 2 Softgels (2.5 mg)

red no 1 and red no 2 2.5mg softgel size and price chart

red no 1 and red no 2 2.5mg softgel size and price chart. 60 count is now $19.50 and 24 count is now $10.50

The benefits of incorporating THC

Because THC and CBD have different mechanisms of action in the body, the addition of THC may increase the effectiveness of medical cannabis to address chronic pain symptoms. Always consult with your healthcare professional about medical cannabis use and dosing with THC.

Benefits of Spectrum cannabis Softgels

Softgels are easy-to-swallow capsules and a great option for taking medical cannabis. Spectrum softgels offer consistency, convenience, and are discreet. When beginning to use medical cannabis it is recommended that you ‘start low and go slow’. For this reason, Spectrum softgels are available in 2.5 mg THC (Red and Blue) and 5 mg CBD (Yellow) tailored doses, to give you the option to start with a lower dose and increase, if necessary, until you find your optimal dose. Spectrum is the only LP to offer this full range of softgels in both low and high doses across the range of core products—Red, Blue, and Yellow.


Each softgel contains a specific and consistent quantity of THC and/or CBD. This makes dosing simple and easier to keep track of than the inhalation of dried flowers. The therapeutic effects of ingested cannabis also tend to last longer than inhalation, up to 12 hours.


Spectrum offers a full range of low- and high-dose softgels so you can begin with smaller doses and increase if necessary until you find your optimal dose. They are simple to consume, without the need for a vapourizer or a syringe to measure your oil.


You can carry your medicine with you and, because softgels have no odour, they are a good alternative to inhalation, allowing you to take your medicine anywhere, anytime.

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