Launch of Registered Vaporisers

Launch of Registered Vaporisers

Medical Cannabis products

Medical cannabis products are available in a range of different forms to suit different therapeutic needs


Softgels are filled with extracted cannabis resin dissolved in a food-grade carrier oil in a dosed form.

Cannabis Oil

Concentrated cannabis resin, containing cannabinoids and other active compounds, is extracted from cannabis flowers that have undergone thermal decarboxylation, then diluted with a food-grade carrier oil to make a product taken orally from a syringe.

Dried Flowers

Dried cannabis is offered as either dried whole flowers (“bud”) or milled (“prepared” or “ground”). Whole flowers from the female cannabis plant are harvested, the stem and leaves are trimmed, and then the flowers are dried to a specific moisture content. Milled cannabis contains the same active ingredients as dried whole flowers and is ready for use in a vapourizer.

Quality Assurance

All of our cannabis products pass through a rigorous QA program that is regulated and inspected by government authorities. Our robust testing meets stringent criteria for product safety and reproducibility of the content of the key bioactive compounds, including THC and CBD.


We perform additional testing to provide healthcare providers and patients with extra information that can help them choose the products they require.


  • Disintegration time testing for softgels to ensure they rapidly release their contents upon ingestion.

  • Additional bacterial tests to ensure absence of Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas.

  • Testing for over 68 pesticides, including myclobutanil.


If you have any questions regarding our products please contact our Medical team on

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