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Launch of Registered Vaporisers

Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) Special Access Subscriber (SAS) Automation Extension – Support Page

Here we answer frequently asked questions regarding the Spectrum Therapeutics TGA SAS Portal Extension and provide support on how to use and install.


Canopy Growth Australia (CGA), have developed a tool to assist medical practitioners with the TGA SAS B application process for Spectrum Therapeutics™ products.

The tool is a Google Chrome Extension that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and installed in your Chrome Browser. The Chrome Browser can be installed on your Windows or Mac or Chrome OS Devices. Please note, that while you can install the Google Chrome Browser on your IOS or Android device, right now the IOS (iPhone and iPad’s) and Android (phones and tablets) versions of the Chrome Browser do NOT support extensions. Google have advised they are working on this and expect to have support for extensions in Chrome for IOS and Android in Chrome version 85.

What is a Google Chrome Extension?


Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behaviour to individual needs or preferences. Extensions are distributed through the Chrome Web Store.

Google completes a through review of all extension submitted to it’s Web Store to ensure software does not compromise the personal data security of the user or impacts the performance of the Chrome Browser.

How to install the Spectrum Therapeutics SAS Portal Extension

Visit our Instructions page.

Instructions for use

Follow our step by step how to use guide on our Instructions page.


Spectrum Therapeutics™ medicinal cannabis products are not registered in Australia. The purpose of the templates listed on the Spectrum Therapeutics Extension (“the Extension”) is solely to improve the efficiency of the SAS TGA application process. This tool is not a substitute for the prescriber's decision, or an education guide, nor a list of recommendations, nor a list of indications for Spectrum Therapeutics products. The pre-defined indication/product template provides pre-set information to optimise the completeness of the information. Prescribers have the option to use or not the Spectrum Therapeutics Extension with each application and adapt the information from templates as they see fit. The tool is not a substitute for their clinical judgment. 

Request Assistance

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Please be as detailed as possible with your assistance request.

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I don't have Google Chrome, how do I get it?

How do I Find and Install the Spectrum Therapeutics Extension?

The Spectrum Therapeutics Extension can be found and installed on the Spectrum Therapeutics Chrome Web Store page:


For step by step instructions on how to install and use the extension, visit our Instruction page.

How do Input Patient Specific information into the SAS application when using the Spectrum Therapeutics Extension to complete an application?

Once you have selected a template to populate the application, the Extension will Automatically “Pause” at certain sections of the application to allow you to manually enter patient specific data or review and edit certain fields where the default response may need to be changed to reflect the individual circumstances or clinical justification for the patient.

What do I do if I made a mistake and want to stop the Extension from completing the application?

You can click on the Spectrum Therapeutics Extension Icon and click the Red stop button, or you can simply navigate back to the main SAS Dashboard and the extension will automatically stop running.

My extension stopped when I was using other tabs in my Chrome Browser.

We recommend staying on the same tab when completing your TGA SAS application using the Spectrum Therapeutics TGA SAS Automation Extension. Sometimes the extension can pause if other tabs are opened and used during the application. 

If the extension has stopped, click on the Spectrum Therapeutics Extension Icon, select the same template again and begin. The extension will then start again.

When I press back some of the information is deleted, what is going wrong?

By clicking the back button and then returning to the page you were previously on (EG you are on step 4, you select back to step 3 to edit some details, you then click save and next back to step 4), you will notice that on your original page (step 4) that the prefilled information on this page has disappeared. This is because when selecting back via your browser, the information has not been saved yet. We recommend thoroughly reviewing each page before continuing on, and if need to change any details save the page before going back.

Does the Extension work on other internet Browsers?

Spectrum Therapeutics currently recommends to only use Google Chrome, however we are working on updates for the extension to work on the following browsers

-          Microsoft Edge

-          Mozilla Firefox

Please Note: Testing results so far show the Google Chrome is the best performing browser with the TGA SAS Portal.

Can I use the extension on my iPad, iPhone or other Android phone or tablet?

Google Chrome does NOT currently support Extensions for Google Chrome for IOS or Android. Google are working to resolve this, and we will update you when this is possible.

How can I be sure that the Extension is not capturing information about myself or my patients?

Please read the Privacy Policy accessible from the Extension. If you have any further questions, please Submit a Request for Assistance.

What do I do, if a Template is not available for my patients’ indication and the Spectrum Therapeutics products I wish to prescribe?

Our SAS Templates currently support all valid combinations of indications and products as defined by the TGA. If the Indication and product you wish to prescribe in the list of templates, this is because there has not been a successfully application to the TGA for this combination. In this case you will need to complete a manual application and when you get to the Indication Selection, there is a Check Box to select “Other” and then you can manually enter the relevant indication. Once this application is approved, please contact Spectrum Therapeutics and we will setup a new template for you for future use.

Please note that the list of valid indications and products is maintained by the TGA and Spectrum Therapeutics cannot control or request changes to the SAS Portal.

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